Teatro Ebasko

cultural space

training and artistic production center 

theatre hall

multimedia room

 Ebask_LAB is a cultural centre for training and artistic production, conceived and managed by Teatro Ebasko.

The 128sqm space on two levels has over the years been a commercial space, a party venue and a fashion agency. Since 2020 Teatro Ebasko has taken over the structure through a public tender and has renovated and redeveloped the building.

It is located in the first outskirts of Rome, in Via Prenestina 284c-286 at Largo Telese-Villa Gordiani. The venue is in agreement with the 5th municipality of the Municipality of Rome and develops a mainly socio-cultural activity.

It is an artisan space, similar to a workshop; independent and self-financed and receives no public funding.

It is divided as follows:


➥ 4 fixed office stations

➥ 8 co-working stations
➥ workshop room with parquet flooring and heating

➥ toilet  (also for the disabled)


➥ dressing room .

➥ theatre hall

➥ multimedia room

➥ dressing rooms with toilets

The space is suitable for use as a rehearsal room, for stages, seminars, workshops, courses and laboratories for actors, dancers, singers and artists of various genres as well as authors/authors, dramaturgh3, regist3 and videomakers. It is available for theatre companies, acting coaches, socio-cultural operators, art exhibitions and casting.

Inside, performances or open rehearsals can be organised, with a maximum capacity of 30 spectators.

Born with the intention of becoming a centre for training and artistic production able to get in touch with the different cultural and artistic realities of the contemporary scene and promote art and culture in the territory, the space activates specific conventions for those who have interesting projects to present. 

The management is entrusted to the Associazione di Promozione Sociale Teatro Ebasko, founded in Bologna in 2015, with a long-term contract 6 + 6 years ending in 2035.

At the Ebask_LAB there are 3 workrooms:

The Theatre Room of approximately 70sqm of practicable space ➥

A room with a hollow core wood floor, for theatre and dance;

sound system included in the hire;

heating and cooling with air conditioning.

Recommended for rehearsals of theatre groups, dancers, performers and casting (dance floor included on request). 

The Parquet Hall of about 40sqm  ➥

Showroom with window facing the street with parquet flooring and table for 12 people;

sound system can be rented on request;
video projection available;
heating and cooling with air-conditioning.

Recommended for seminars, craft workshops, static training courses and buffet lunches/dinners.

The Multimedia Room of about 30sqm ➥

Multimedia room/studio with audio and video system included in the rental;
heating with radiators (no need for cooling);
room equipped for courses in dubbing, singing, musical instruments, video editing and voice recording.

Recommended for singers, bands, musicians and actors/actresses.

In the facility there is a kitchenette, 3 bathrooms and two changing rooms available for hire.

The Ebask_LAB Space is available for hire daily (Mon - Sun):

Morning 9.00/13.00 ➥ 40 €
Afternoon 13.00/17.00 ➥ 40 €

Evening 17.00/21.00 ➥ 40 €

Evening per event: 20.00/24.00 ➥ 80 €

Hourly rate: 10 €

Daily rate: 100 € (excluding evenings)

Professional video shooting with equipment available for €50

NB: the cost is the same for each room.