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Marzia D'Angeli, Domenico Pizzulo, Flavio Bossalini

Live Music:

Domenico Pizzulo

Light Design:

Teatro Ebasko


Teatro Ebasko

Costums and objects:

Teatro Ebasko


Teatro Ebasko aps [2020]


Regione Calabria, Teatro Ridotto.


Teatro Ebasko


Simone Bevilacqua


In unraveling the red thread of History, Angelina plays the role of collective Memory, narrating the exploits of the rebels; the men fighting for land and survival will act as spokesmen for other characters (Baron Berlingeri, Francesco Nigro, Giovanni Zito, the carabiniere) building a dialectic rich in contrasts and opinions. Turning a recent fact into a contemporary myth by recounting the social injustices and involuntary sacrifice of the three free peasants acts on the story like a Greek tragedy.

Narrating values such as freedom, struggle, rebellion and vindication in a romantic and fictional form gives us the opportunity to explore the themes of class disparities, private property, pride in one's work and, above all, the ethics of a community.

Fragalà is a prose performance that uses live music, dancing and singing in a naturalistic narrative. The group worked on written artifacts and oral sources in collaboration with Antonio Di Castri. After this bibliographic research, work was done based on analogies and actual facts, but mostly on historical documents. Metaphoring modern stories with archetypal stories; transforming rural characters into epic heroes are the distinguishing features of the group's work.

On stage there are 3 performers in dialogue with live music: 1 musician; 1 actor; 1 actress.
The three, by means of interweaving, stories, actions, dances, readings and metaphors, will recount the events of Fragalà, a feudal outpost of the Italian peasant reforms of '56.

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14 February 2020 – Melissa (KR)
71° anniversary  of "Eccidio di Fragalà"

15 February 2020 - Crotone (KR)

Circolo ARCI di Crotone

7 August 2020 - Melissa (KR)
RaMe Festival 

23 May 2021 - Bologna (BO)

Finestre sul Giovane Teatro del Teatro Ridotto 

19 June 2021 - Bologna (BO)

Festa di Primavera del Collettivo Hospites

16 August 2022 - Melissa (KR)

Premiazione dal Comune di Melissa

13 October 2023 - Gubbio (PG) 
Terzo Teatro & Teatro di Gruppo, Libera Università di Alcatraz [Fondazione Fo Rame; Fondazione Barba Varley; Teatro Nucleo]