Teatro Ebasko

Title | Circe

Duration | 40'

Actress | Marzia D'Angeli

Ulysses Puppet | Salvatore Bumbello from Palermo - Scuola di Mimmo Cuticchio  (created by)

Orpheus's voice | Mario Barzaghi

Circe's voice | Sophia Cannizzo

Sound Design | Marco Zecca and Teatro Ebasko

Digital scenery and Light Design | Collettivo L4R and Teatro Ebasko

Scenery | Teatro Ebasko and Scuola del Legno "La Malaspina" from Viterbo

Costums| Gita Naziri (Persian artist and seamstress), Maria Samà and Teatro Ebasko

Production | Teatro Ebasko APS [2022]

Production and export support | Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Bologna, Comune di Melissa (KR).

Artistic consultancy | Mario Barzaghi from Teatro dell'Albero from Milan

Concept and direction | Simone Bevilacqua



Sing to me O muse of the divine Circe.

Sorceress among the ranks of the immortals.

Goddess among women and Woman among goddesses.

Circe in exile, daughter of the East.

On the island of Eea,

Where the Sun god has no certain horizon.

Tell me of her strength, of her epic.

How she harnessed the father who is everywhere.

Tell me, muse,

Of when he helped Odysseus,

welcomed Medea and Jason.

If you ever tell her story, poets and poetesses,

tell of Circe as of a unique, untamed, free woman.

Who kills to defend,

deceives to protect but seduces for love.

Say of the fearless sorceress,

righteous, in marriage with Nature.

If you ever tell her story,

tell of her passion,

of her spells,

of her sensuality.

But do not tell of another hero.

Do not be fanatical about a myth character.

Circe is today, among you.

Among rebellious women and men, in the constituted society.

Circe is the dignity of that Woman

Who does not bend to compromise.

Of those who, stuck in the mud of the world,

manages to rise with Aeolus;

to sail on the Zephyr of the world,

as if it were always Spring.

Oh you who read, you are Circe....

Oh you who listen with your gaze: be Circe!


1 August 2021 – Melissa (KR)
RaMe Festival II edition | CIRCE PREVIEW

25 August 2021 - Melissa (KR)

2 October 2021 - Bologna (BO)

Il Filo Invisibile che Resiste, season of Teatro Ridotto | CIRCE PREVIEW

12 June 2022 - Bologna (BO)

Festa di Primavera del Collettivo Hospites | Following CIRCE - discesa in Magna Grecia

26 June 2022 - Bologna (BO)

Rassegna Bologna Estate | Following CIRCE - discesa in Magna Grecia

15 July 2022 - Zafferana Etnea (CT)

Festival Internazionale di Corti Teatrali di Teatri Riflessi | Following CIRCE - discesa in Magna Grecia

20 July 2022 - Lamezia Terme (CZ)

TeatrOltre Festival di teatrop | CIRCE PREVIEW

25 July 2022 - Cirò Marina (KR)

Estate da vivere, rassegna del Comune di Cirò Marina | Following CIRCE - discesa in Magna Grecia

8 August 2022 - Cirò Marina (KR)

Estate da vivere, rassegna del Comune di Cirò Marina | Following CIRCE - discesa in Magna Grecia

1 September 2022 - Torre Melissa (KR)
RaMe Festival III edizione | CIRCE (first study night version)

16 September 2022 - Bologna (BO)

Fuori dagli sche(r)mi Festival di Compagnia Legami | CIRCE 

25 September 2022 - Bologna (BO)

Per-forming rassegna estiva del Centro Ekodanza | Following CIRCE - discesa in Magna Grecia


14 June 2023 - Marsciano (PG)
Teatro Comunità Umbria Fest di Laboratorio Isola di Confine | CIRCE night version

25 June 2023 - Roma (RM)
Casale Garibaldi | CIRCE night version

3 July 2023 - Lugoj (Romania)

REcreaArt Festival | CIRCE night version

4 July 2023 - Lugoj (Romania)

REcreaArt Festival | CIRCEnight version

26 July 2023 - Melissa (KR)
RaMe Festival IV edition | CIRCE night version

13 August 2023 - Melissa (KR)

Tra Storia e Leggende, "Melissa si Racconta" II edition | Following CIRCE - discesa in Magna Grecia

24 August 2023 - Roma (RM)

ScenArte Festival, 29° Festival di Teatro Urbano di Abraxa Teatro | CIRCE night version

9 September 2023 - Ayllon, Madrid (Spagna)
Tradition Transmision Transgresion - Magdalena Project di Residui Teatro | CIRCE night version

16 September 2023 - Bologna (BO)
Rassegna Bologna Estate, Bolle d'Arte: Racconti dal Mito & Storie in miniatura | CIRCE night version

4 October 2023 - Bologna (BO) 
I 40 anni del Teatro Ridotto - DAS • Dispositivo Arte Sperimentale | Following Circe - discesa in Magna Grecia



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