Teatro Ebasko

Widespread Geography Theater *

BOLOGNA (BO) โžฅ Teatro Ebasko has its legal and operational headquarters in Bologna and carries out many activities in the city of Emilia-Romagna.
It manages the space in Piazza dei Colori 13 a/b from September 2023 following the winning of the real estate tender by Incredibol. 
Bottega di Ebe is the name chosen by the group and inside it we find a meeting room, the project office and the YIAS | Young International Art Symposium, conceived by Teatro Ebasko in 2020.

ROME (RM) โžฅ During the first wave of the Covid19 pandemic (March 2020), the association won the call for bids of the 5th municipality of Roma Capitale for the management of a former commercial premises located in Via Prenestina 284c/286. The Spazio Ebask_LAB is renovated and opened in May 2023. In October of the same year, courses in theatre, music, handicrafts, writing and filmmaking begin.
The space is configured as a centre for artistic production and training, an arts and crafts workshop.

At this link is the page of the Space Ebask_LAB.

MELISSA (KR) โžฅ Since 2017, the company has organised the cultural and creative residency Ra. Me. - Le Radici del Mediterraneo in the ancient village of Melissa in the province of Crotone, Calabria. Since 2020 RaMe has been transformed into Theatre and Performing Arts Festival hosting hundreds of people including artists, students, resident spectators, volunteers and tourists from all over the world.
Kyma House is the name of the third operational headquarters of Teatro Ebasko in Salita Matteotti 14, which also hosts the E+ projects.

*term coined by Renzo Francabandera in the article of the same name at this link