Teatro Ebasko






Silvia Bazzini, Marzia D'Angeli, Martina Giampietri

Live Music:

Domenico Pizzulo

Light design:

Stefano Cane


Giano MF srl

Costums and objects:

Maria Samร  e Teatro Ebasko


Teatro Ebasko aps [2019]


Teatro dei Venti, Regione Emilia-Romagna.


Teatro Ebasko


Simone Bevilacqua


A circle of spectators deputes the space for a contemporary sabbath; a succession of rituals reveals the unceasing passage of time, showing the different stages of life: childhood, adulthood, maturity. Three women, from different eras and cultures, merge the function of ritual with stories of everyday life, evoking the liminal moment between life and its beyond.

A bride-child, a revolutionary, and a runaway mother find themselves in the same space bearing witness to the social injustice of being a woman. In a descent to the margins of civilized society, women from statuesque goddesses become prostitutes and witches, defeated curators of the world's ills.

The two aspects of existence, the material and the spiritual, run parallel without ever being able to reunite except in the secrecy of the sabbath, a physical and mental place on the borders, in the peripheries of the soul and civilizations of all times.

The contrast between purity and commodification highlights how figures, roles and stereotypes about women are unintended and abused mirrors of them, today as centuries ago. Until the final, expiatory act, the sacrifice of Christ made woman, of the Goddess descended into the slime who, through her own suffering and death, becomes again the Mother of all men.

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29 July 2019 - Modena (MO)

Estate Modenese organized by Teatro dei Venti

2 August 2019 - Melissa (KR)

Melissa Teatro Festival del Comune di Melissa

28, 29 February 2020 - Bologna (BO)

Qui e Ora, stagione del Teatro Ridotto DEBUTTO [Event cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic]

22 May 2022 - Bologna (BO)

Laboratorio delle Arti (DAMSLAB),  Finestre sul Giovane Teatro organized by Teatro Ridotto